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This is the site where I, Tyler Bletsch, write stuff that I want to refer to later. You can refer to it, as well, I guess. Unless it's in the Secret Stage.

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You want a good Italian place in Boston? LoConte's on Salem St. in the North End.

Turn off 'linked files' in Windows 7

exampleFrom here. The dude summarizes the problem: "If I save this web page now it would be saved in two parts a HTML file: blah.htm and a folder with associated content blah_files. If I decide to just keep the HTM file and DELETE the entire image folder I have to break this link between the two otherwise when I delete the image folder the HTML file also gets deleted automatically. Windows treats them as one file. "

In Windows XP, in the folder options there was a setting called Managing pairs of Web pages and folders. Windows 7 hides this option by default.

To bring it back, install this registry patch. The options that control this will now appear in the View tab of the Folder Options dialog (See example on right).

Delayed Windows shutdown

From a command prompt:

shutdown /t XXXXX /s

Where XXXXX is the number of seconds to wait. For more detail on this command, try shutdown /?.

Makefile stuff

To write suffix-based rules in Makefiles:


If the suffixes in question aren't in the set of built in ones (as given by "make -p -f /dev/null | grep SUFFIXES"), you can add them with rules of the form:

.SUFFIXES : .a .b

Using awk

Basic syntax:

awk <search pattern> {<program actions>}


svn st | awk '/^\?/ {print $2}'          # print names of unknown svn files
ps -A | awk '{print $1}'                 # print all pids

'clear' for cygwin

There's probably a package that provides this, but I just use:

echo -ne '\e[H\e[2J'

SATA Security Erase on Linux

To obliterate all data on a disk (and for an SSD, reset internal state):

hdparm --user-master u --security-set-pass test $1 && \
hdparm --user-master u --security-erase test $1

Instant SSH/PPP VPN tunnel

Basically, do the following after doing the setup directions noted here:

/usr/sbin/pppd pty "ssh -t -e none -o 'Batchmode yes' /usr/sbin/pppd" local nodetach silent

For the above, to make it a default gateway, on the client, I did:

sudo route add -host [server-internet-address] gw [normal-default-gateway]
sudo route add -net [my-lan]/8 gw [normal-default-gateway]
sudo route add default gw [server-ppp-address]
sudo route del default gw [normal-default-gateway]

You can get a setup intro and nice script to run it from this HOWTO.

(I may do a full writeup of this eventually)


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