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Installing SABnzbd+ and Deluge on Ubuntu 10.04

The latest Ubuntu release, 10.04, has made the creation of a downloader box much easier. A healthy version of Deluge is now in the default repository, and sabnzbd+ is even more awesome. Dig in!


SABnzbd+ is a web-based usenet binary downloader that eats NZB files.


Here are the paths we'll assume:

Path Purpose
/x/usenet/downloads/incomplete Transfers in progress
/x/usenet/downloads/complete Finished transfers
/x/usenet/dropbox Place where NZBs get picked up from
/x/usenet/sabnzbd-cache Temporary data
/x/usenet/sabnzbd-logs Log files
/x/usenet/nzb-history Previously used NZBs


$ sudo apt-get install sabnzbdplus


Edit /etc/default/sabnzbdplus and set:

  • USER to your username (or the username that sabnzbd should run as).
  • HOST to (to allow remote access) or (for local access only)
  • PORT to the port number to listen on (e.g. 8001).

Then just go to http://your_server:8001/sabnzbd to set it up. A wizard will walk you through most of it. Don't forget to set:

  • web credentials
  • usenet server details
  • paths (if your root is mounted on flash, you should also move the cache and logs to a hard disk)
  • download permissions to 0755 if sharing downloads via Samba/NFS


Deluge is a new, fancypants torrent client written in python. The design is very similar to SABnzbd+.


Here are the paths we'll assume:

Path Purpose
/x/torrent/downloads/incomplete Transfers in progress
/x/torrent/downloads/complete Finished transfers
/x/torrent/dropbox Place where torrents get picked up from
/x/torrent/torrent_archive Places that torrents get copied to
/home/<USERNAME>/.config/deluge/ Deluge config files (no manual editing needed)


Then we can update apt and install our crap:

$ sudo apt-get install deluge-webui deluged

You can also install "deluge-gtk" for a Linux GUI and "deluge-console" for a CLI client.

Run the two parts

Deluge has two parts: a daemon that actually does the torrenting (deluged), and a front-end (deluge-web). This separation makes sense if you use the local GUI front-end, but we're setting this up as a server, so we're going to run deluged and the deluge-web front-end all the time. To start them:

$ deluged
$ deluge-web -f

Configure it

Login to http://your_server:8112/ with the default password deluge. Click "Config" and edit things as needed. Change the password, put in the paths specified at the top of this section, set a reasonable bandwidth limit, etc.

Autostart deluge

As root, add the following things to /etc/rc.local:

sudo -H -u <USERNAME> deluged
sudo -H -u <USERNAME> deluge-web -f -q >/dev/null 2>&1

Single dropbox

If you want to have a single dropbox folder that works for both NZBs and torrents, we can make /x/dropbox do this. Download to your home directory or whereever. Then make it start as a service on boot by adding this to /etc/rc.local:

sudo -H -u <USERNAME> /path/to/ -d &
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