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Twitter sucks and all this "lifestream" woo-woo bullshit can just go die. But Norm MacDonald jokes are funny, and those are on there. Unfortunately, Twitter is dicks and turned off RSS, funneling all access through "OAuth", including 90% of the functions that do nothing but retrieve public data. I don't need to friggin authorize to get one user's goddamn list of tweets you dopey fucks. Luckily their search API is still open, so you can get a users tweets as an Atom feed with:

Where "normmacdonald" is the person you want to watch.

So no accounts or lists or following or friending or whatever the hell you goofy twitfucks do, I'll just take my data to go.

how_to_get_data_out_of_twitter.txt · Last modified: 2011/04/26 14:06 by tkbletsc

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