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Installing SABnzbd+ and Deluge on Ubuntu 9.04


SABnzbd+ is a web-based usenet binary downloader that eats NZB files.


Here are the paths we'll assume:

Path Purpose
/x/usenet/downloads/incomplete Transfers in progress
/x/usenet/downloads/complete Finished transfers
/x/usenet/dropbox Place where NZBs get picked up from


$ sudo apt-get install sabnzbdplus


Edit /etc/default/sabnzbdplus and set:

  • USER to your username (or the username that sabnzbd should run as).
  • HOST to (to allow remote access) or (for local access only)
  • PORT to the port number to listen on (e.g. 8001).

Then just go to http://yourserver:8001/sabnzbd to set it up. Don't forget to set:

  • web credentials
  • usenet server details
  • paths (if your root is mounted on flash, you should also move the cache and logs to a hard disk)
  • download permissions to 0755 if sharing downloads via Samba/NFS


Deluge is a new, fancypants torrent client written in python. The design is very similar to SABnzbd+.


Here are the paths we'll assume:

Path Purpose
/x/torrent/downloads/incomplete Transfers in progress
/x/torrent/downloads/complete Finished transfers
/x/torrent/dropbox Place where torrents get picked up from
/x/torrent/torrent_archive Places that torrents get copied to
/home/<USERNAME>/.config/deluge/ Deluge config files (no manual editing needed)

Install deluge from its PPA

Deluge is in the regular Ubuntu repository, and maybe that version will be usable by the time you read this, but right now it's 1.1.6, which has a fatal bug in the web UI. If you want to try the one in the default repository, just skip all this and install the "deluge-webui" package.

Anyway, we're going to install Deluge from their PPA (Personal Package Archive):

Pick the 'deb' lines for your Ubuntu version – I used Ubuntu 9.04 ("jaunty"), so I clicked "Not using Ubuntu 9.10 (karmic)?" to bring up the selector dropdown, then picked "Jaunty (9.04)". If you click "XX", they will give directions on how to use a the GUI tool to add the repository, but I don't have a GUI installed, so just append the line to /etc/apt/sources.list:

# echo "deb jaunty main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list

Then import the key. Take the number after the slash in the "signing key" (e.g. given "1024R/249AD24C", provide "249AD24C") and use it as the last argument in the command:

$ sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 249AD24C

Then we can update apt and install our crap:

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install deluge-webui

Run the two parts

Deluge has two parts: a daemon that actually does the torrenting (deluged), and a front-end (deluge). This makes sense if you use the local GUI front-end, but we're setting this up as a server, so we're going to run deluged and the deluge front-end in web UI mode all the time. To start them:

$ deluged
$ deluge -u web &

Configure it

Login to http://THE_SERVER:8112/ with the default password deluge. Click "Config" and edit things as needed. Change the password, put in the paths specified at the top of this section, set a reasonable bandwidth limit, etc. You may want to switch to the "ajax" template, which is very swanky. (This template is still in alpha, and I wasn't able to change my password with it, so you may want to set all your settings before switching over.)

Autostart deluge

As root, add the following things to /etc/rc.local:

sudo -H -u <USERNAME> deluged
sudo -H -u <USERNAME> deluge -u web -q >/dev/null 2>&1 &

Single dropbox

If you want to have a single dropbox folder that works for both NZBs and torrents, we can make /x/dropbox do this. Download to your home directory or whereever. Then make it start as a service on boot by adding this to /etc/rc.local:

sudo -H -u <USERNAME> /path/to/ -d &
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