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Instant pot stuff


Untested recipes/procedures

Frozen chicken

From here

  1. Separate chicken; defrost in water if needed
  2. Figure average weight of pieces (use package weight and quantity, so 1lb for 2 pieces → 8oz/ea)
  3. Put in ipot with 1cup chicken broth or water
  4. Season
  5. Seal; run on manual for time:
    • 6-8oz: 12 minutes
    • 9-10oz: 14 minutes
    • 11-12oz: 16 minutes
  6. Let it naturally depressurize for 10min
  7. Check to ensure core is 165 F or greater

Note: total cook time is pressurization time (~10min) + cook time (12-16 minutes) + depressurization time (10min), so ~32-36 minutes total.

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