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The script below is a recipe to download and deploy Python 2.7 in your home directory without dependencies (except gcc). It also uses virtualenv to deploy a virtual Python environment, then uses the included setuptools pip utility to install the numpy module.

mkdir -p $PYPATH  &&
wget -c$PYVER/Python-$PYVER.tgz  &&
echo Extracting...
tar xf Python-$PYVER.tgz  &&
cd Python-$PYVER/  &&
./configure --prefix=$PYPATH && make -j2 && make install  &&
cd ..
echo Python installed.
wget -c  &&
tar xf virtualenv-1.5.1.tar.gz  &&
cd virtualenv-1.5.1/  &&
mkdir -p $VPYPATH  &&
$PYPATH/bin/python $VPYPATH  &&
echo Virtualenv created.
$VPYPATH/bin/pip install numpy  &&
echo Numpy installed.
echo Done.  Your python is: $VPYPATH/bin/python
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