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 +====== Making crappy USB Bluetooth dongles work with the native Windows XP stack ======
 +From [[http://​​2007/​12/​using-native-xp-bluetooth-stack-for.html|here]]. Works on [[http://​​details.dx/​sku.11866|these knock-off mini-dongles]] from [[http://​​|DealExtreme]]. ​ If you have this exact dongle, you can skip all this and just use [[http://​​f/​dat/​bth.inf|my hacked INF]].
 +  * Insert crappy dongle.  ​
 +  * Skip the drivers.  ​
 +  * Open the device in device manager.
 +  * In the Details tab, select "​Hardware ids", and select the entry that has the Vid and Pid only -- the one that looks most like "''​USB\Vid_1131&​Pid_1004''"​. ​ Press Ctrl-C to copy this entry to clipboard. ​ Save it for later.
 +  * Copy the file "''​%windir%\inf\bth.inf''"​ to another directory.
 +  * Open the copy in an editor (e.g. notepad), and find the "''​[Cambridge.NT.5.1]''"​ section.
 +  * Add the line "''​My wacky dongle=BthUsb,​ **USB\Vid_1131&​Pid_1004**''",​ except replace the bolded part with the string you copied earlier. ​ You can change the name to whatever you like.  Save the file.
 +  * In the device properties, click "​Update driver"​ or "​Install driver"​.
 +  * Choose advanced, and specify the path to the "''​bth.inf''"​ file we just edited.
 +  * Your dongle should be recognized as "My wacky dongle"​ or whatever you named it, and work with the standard XP bluetooth stack.
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