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   - Install the hacked APK.   - Install the hacked APK.
-All the elements should now cost just 3 mana.+All the elements should now cost just 3 mana, so head to the element store and unlock them all. 
 +==== Getting around stability/​sound issues ==== 
 +On my Nexus 7, the hacked version of the game didn't have sound for some reason and I saw a few glitches. 
 +To fix this, I just: 
 +  - unlocked all the elements,  
 +  - backed up the profile data (/​sdcard/​Android/​data/​,​  
 +  - uninstalled the hacked APK,  
 +  - installed the normal APK, and 
 +  - restored the profile data.   
 +After re-launching the game, the unlocked profile remains with sound restored.
 ==== Methods which didn't work ==== ==== Methods which didn't work ====
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