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Duke loaner laptop rebuild reminders

Privacy/control of OS

Install O&O Shutup10 and enable the default options. Also, turn on "Allow deferred upgrades".

Get rid of adware trash start menu

Apps with Ninite, including install Classic Shell.


info here

  • Ensure clock is right
  • Command prompt as admin
  • slmgr -skms
  • slmgr -ato

Lenovo system update


Create the "student" user


Put lockscreen and wallpaper in common place. *FOR BOTH USERS* Set wallpaper/lockscreen. Skin colors.

Dukeblue and Eduroam

*FOR BOTH USERS* Run for both tkbletsc and student



  • View tab → File name extensions = ON
  • View tab → Options
    • General tab
      • Open File Explorer to: This PC
      • Show recently used files in Quick access = off
      • Show frequently used folders in Quick access = off
    • View tab
      • Navigation pane (bottom of list)
        • Show all folders → on
        • Expand to current folder → on

Show keyboard shortcut underlines


  1. Start, type "ease", select 'Ease of Access Center'.
  2. Click 'Make the keyboard easier to use'.
  3. Tick ‘Underline keyboard shortcuts and access keys’
  4. While you're here, you can turn off sticky keys shortcut, etc.

System properties

start, "advanced system settings" on the left to get to the REAL system properties

  • advanced tab
    • startup and recovery | settings | automatically restart → off
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