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Useful cygwin packages

In addition to MinTTY - A decent native Windows shell, CYGWIN SSH server for Windows, and CYGWIN Cron under Windows, there are a few useful general purpose cygwin packages:

  • lynx
  • links
  • nano
  • wget
  • netcat
  • rsync
  • zip
  • unzip
  • vim
  • chere - Creates "open a shell here" context menu entry for arbitrary shells & terminal emulators
  • openssh
  • screen
  • Development:
    • gcc4-core
    • gcc4-g++
    • gdb
    • make

Command-line cygwin package installer

To install additional cygwin packages later on from the command line, you can use apt-cyg, which works like apt-get, but pulls its stuff from the normal cygwin repos. To install:

chmod +x apt-cyg
mv apt-cyg /usr/local/bin/

To use:

apt-cyg install chere
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