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Server install guide from here. Config info from here.

Note: Default port is 21025.


At the shell:

sudo apt-get install lib32gcc1 libpng12-0
cd /path/to/starbound
mkdir steamcmd
cd steamcmd
tar zxvf steamcmd_linux.tar.gz
chmod +x

In steamcmd. WARNING Password will echo when logging in!

> login USERNAME
> force_install_dir ..
> app_update 211820
> exit


Back at the shell:

cd /path/to/starbound/linux64

Ctrl+C to exit.

This creates the default config file in starbound/starbound.config, JSON style. Key things to change:

"serverName" : "WHATEVER",
"serverPasswords" : [ "SERVER_PASSWORD" ],


Server launch script go:

cd linux64

Server update script update:

cd steamcmd
./  +login StabbyMcDamage  +force_install_dir ..  +app_update 211820  +exit
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