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Admin commands on zomboni

This info mainly covers how to use admin commands to help develop quests. For full help on (most of) these commands, do /help.

Don't cheat

So you don't get mixed up and accidentally give yourself 64 diamonds, I recommend dumping all your normal stuff in a chest before going off to use admin commands to build quests.

Getting stuff

To give yourself stuff, do /give <item> [amount], where <item> is either a common name (e.g., "cobblestone", "diamondpickaxe", etc.) or an item ID (see link for a table). The quantity to give, [amount] is optional – you can ask for any number, even filling you entire inventory. You can add stuff to your inventory that you couldn't normally get, such as raw water blocks (as opposed to buckets of water). Also, anything you ask for will stack, even if it doesn't normally, such as food. Tips:

  • To add a bunch of water or lava, just do "/give lava 64" or "/give water 64"
  • Actual blocks have IDs less than 128, items have higher IDs
  • To get redstone torches, use ID 76 (not 75, which will default to being 'off' instead of working normally)
  • You can use TNT to tunnel faster, but don't blow up more than 5 TNT at a time!
  • Obsidian cannot be destroyed with explosives (unless you go crazy)

If you want to destroy everything in your inventory, use /clearinventory (useful to dump a bunch of cobblestone when tunneling).

Great Scott

To change the time of day, use "/time day" or "/time night".

Mob spawners

To make a mob spawner, there are two steps. First, use /give mobspawner to create the item. When you place it, it will default to spawning pigs (if there's enough light). To change the monster it spawns, get close, look at the spawner, type "/mspawn <name>", where <name> is one of the official mob class names given on the minecraft wiki mob list. Capitalization matters, there are no spaces (these are Java class names). The /mspawn command is not documented in the usual /help output.

You can also spawn a mob at your crosshairs by typing "/spawn <name>", where <name> follows the same rules as /mspawn.

Private warps

When building your crap, if you don't want it showing up in the global warp list, use private warp points:

  • /pw set <name>
  • /pw goto <name>
  • /pw remove <name>

Magic teleporting compass

The server has the GoTo mod installed but disabled by default. This plugin allows you to teleport to whatever your crosshairs are on when you left-click with the compass. To enable this plugin:

/enableplugin GoTo

This affects everyone, so when you're done, do:

/disableplugin GoTo

Because the server is restarted every night automatically, the mod should be unloaded at that time automatically.

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