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 ===== Terminal settings ===== ===== Terminal settings =====
-Make a new profile based on "​Basic"​ with: +Import [[http://​​f/​dat/​CORRECT.terminal|this profile]], or make a new profile based on "​Basic"​ with: 
-  * Correct colors (just background=black,​ font=greyish,​ bold=lighter-greyish)+  * Correct colors (background=black,​ font=greyish,​ bold=lighter-greyish, and pull the blue brightness up a bit)
   * Decent default shell size (~100x30)   * Decent default shell size (~100x30)
   * In '​Shell'​ tab, "When the shell exits" -> "Close if the shell exited cleanly"​   * In '​Shell'​ tab, "When the shell exits" -> "Close if the shell exited cleanly"​
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