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 +Twitter sucks and all this "​lifestream"​ woo-woo bullshit can just go die.  But Norm MacDonald jokes are funny, and those are on there. ​ Unfortunately,​ Twitter is dicks and turned off RSS, funneling all access through "​OAuth",​ including 90% of the functions that do nothing but retrieve public data.  I don't need to friggin authorize to get one user's goddamn list of tweets you dopey fucks. ​ Luckily their search API is still open, so you can get a users tweets as an Atom feed with:
 +  http://​​search.atom?​q=+from%3Anormmacdonald
 +Where "​normmacdonald"​ is the person you want to watch.
 +So no accounts or lists or following or friending or whatever the hell you goofy twitfucks do, I'll just take my data to go.
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