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 +====== Adding an HP JetDirect network printer on Windows XP ======
 +If your printer is directly attached to the network, it doesn't do the usual Windows ''<nowiki>\\host\printer stuff</nowiki>''. Printers such as HP Laserjets with JetDirect fall into this category.  Here's how to add such a printer to Windows XP:
 +  - Open your printer list, hit Add printer.
 +  - Hit Next.
 +  - Set to "Local printer..." and uncheck "Automatically detect...". Ignore the fact that it isn't a local printer; Windows is dumb. Hit Next.
 +  - Select "Create a new port" and set the dropdown to "Standard TCP/IP Port". Hit Next.
 +  - A new wizard appears. Hit Next.
 +  - Type the IP address of the printer. The port name will be automatically set. Hit Next.
 +  - Verify your port settings and hit Finish.
 +  - Pick the correct driver, e.g. Manufacturer="HP", Printer="HP Color LaserJet 2605dn". Hit Next.
 +  - Pick a suitable name, like "HP Laserjet - EB2 3224" or whatever. Make it default if you like.
 +  - Complete the rest of the wizard as normal (Next, Next, Next, Finish).
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