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   - Tick ‘Underline keyboard shortcuts and access keys’   - Tick ‘Underline keyboard shortcuts and access keys’
   - While you're here, you can turn off sticky keys shortcut, etc.   - While you're here, you can turn off sticky keys shortcut, etc.
 +===== Proper calculator =====
 +Win10 calculator sucks. I made a whole website to expedite getting old calculator: https://​
   ​   ​
-===== Remove '3D Objects' ​folder ===== +===== "This PC" ​folder ​customization ​===== 
-Jesus the Win10 shit is getting dumber and dumber. Some update craps "3D objects"​ folder out into your home directory. [[http://​​remove-3d-objects-folder-winows-10|Fix info is here]].+There'​s ​bunch of nonsense folders forced on you in your home directory. ​These can be managed with [[https://​​comment.php?​|WinAero Tweaker]]. 
 +[[http://​​f/​dat/​This%20PC%20Folders%20-%20Dropbox%20and%20GDrive.ini|This INI file for it]] will remove dumb folders and add Dropbox and Google Drive to the "This PC" view in explorer. 
 +OLD: [[http://​​remove-3d-objects-folder-winows-10|Info on manually removing just the '3D Objects'​ folder]].
 ===== Enable auto login ===== ===== Enable auto login =====
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