sub wordToHex { ($word) = @_; $word =~ tr/a-z/A-Z/; $word =~ tr/O/0/; $word =~ tr/I/1/; return $word; } $allWords = ""; $allHexes = ""; $dictPrefix = ""; print "Hex numbers that are English words\n"; print "

Hex numbers that are English words

\n"; print "

A list of all English words of length greater than 3 that are expressable as hexadecimal numbers. Based on the iSpell English wordlist (from the package 'ispell-enwl-3.1.20', the general English and American wordlists were included). All six-digit numbers have their RGB color shown, and each word features a link to for that word. The contents of the table are presented in a more machine-friendly format at the bottom of this page. The simple perl script that parsed the wordlist and made this page is available here, as is the combined, sorted English word list that the script can read to generate this exact page.

\n"; print "\n"; print "\n"; while (<>) { chomp; if (/^[a-fo]{3,8}$/) { $hexed = wordToHex($_); $allWords .= "$_, "; $allHexes .= "$hexed, "; print ""; if (length($hexed) == 6) { $antihex = $hexed; $antihex =~ tr/0123456789ABCDEF/FEDCBA9876543210/; print ""; } else { print ""; } print "\n"; } } print "
WordHexRGB ColorDictionary
".ucfirst($_)."$hexed #$hexed Link
\n"; chop $allWords; chop $allWords; chop $allHexes; chop $allHexes; print "

For the convenience of automated tools, here are all the words in a comma-delimited form:

\n"; print "
\n"; print "

...and all the hex equivalents:

\n"; print "
\n"; print "\n";