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 +Here is a weird/dumb idea: using an ancient serial text terminal as an additional monitor.  Doing this with the terminal's keyboard is easy -- just run a getty on your serial port and you're done.  I want to do something a bit weirder -- I want to use my PC's usual keyboard, having the text terminal be nothing but a passive display.  It's a bit tricky, since this is totally contrary to what text terminals are actually for.
 +Here's my work so far.
 +The idea is to use ''screen'' to set up the session in a terminal emulator window.  For now, I'll resize this window as small as possible, and just use it as a thing to click when I want to start using the dumb terminal.  Eventually, the idea would be to have a little tray app that hooks the keyboard when you do a key combination.
 +To have the dumb terminal be the display for this screen session, I'll tie ''screen'' it to my serial port via getty, e.g.:
 +  $ getty -nl /usr/bin/screen 115200 ttyS1
 +Then I set up my listener window with:
 +  $ screen -rx
 +Some quirks -- I want to actually have two screen sessions: one to bind the window and dumb terminal to one session, and one nested inside which will have multiple tabs.  These sessions need different configs -- I don't want ANY shortcuts for the outer session, and I want fancy shortcuts & UI for the screen interface I actually use.  This will mean multiple screen configs (-c option), and the inner session will have to be started with the -m option (to allow for nesting).
 +Of course, step 0 is to get a physical dumb terminal...right now I just validated this with two VMs serial-ported together.
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