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Line 11: Line 11:
 <​code=python>​ <​code=python>​
 +# use this like a dictonary (d['​thing'​]) OR an object (d.thing)
 +class DictObject(dict):​
 +    def __getattribute__(self,​k):​ return self[k]
 +    def __setattribute__(self,​k,​v):​ self[k]=v
 from datetime import datetime from datetime import datetime
 def timestamp():​ return"​%Y%m%d-%H%M%S"​) def timestamp():​ return"​%Y%m%d-%H%M%S"​)
Line 122: Line 128:
 <​code=python>​ <​code=python>​
 def recognize_type(v):​ def recognize_type(v):​
-    ​if re.match(r'​\d+$',​v): +    ​try: return float(v) 
-        return int(v) +    except ValueErrorpass 
-    ​if re.match(r'​\d+\.\d*$',​v)+     
-        ​return float(v)+    try: return int(v) 
 +    ​except ValueErrorpass 
     return v     return v
     ​     ​
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