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Our crazy poker games

Note: standard deal sequence in 7 card stud is: 2 down, 1 up, 2 down, 1 up, 1 up.

Note: "Draw tax" for us means, in 5 card draw, that on the draw you must pay a nickel for each card past the first.

stampede : deal 5, plus three aside from another deck. Draw, reveal one of the three–it's wild, bet. Draw, reveal, bet; draw, reveal, bet. Showdown.

Phone Home:

  • 5 card draw.
  • Deal, bet, phone home, bet, phone home, bet, phone home, bet, show.
  • Phone home: each player as the option to buy a card for a quarter.
  • At ANY time (even DURING the showdown), a player may make a collect call, thus buying another card for 50 cents. This may be done twice per player.
  • Cards acquired via "phone home" or "collect call" are simply added to the hand; no discard is needed to accept them.

Plus Node:

  • 5 card draw.
  • After deal, place four cards face down in the shape of a plus (+) and four in a line in the shape of a minus (-).
  • Bet phase after initial hands are dealt, then draw phase, then bet, then "node phase", then bet, then show.
  • Node phase: each player in turn flips a card in either the "plus node" or the "minus node". If the player turns over a card on the plus, any player with the revealed card in hand shows that card, and gains a random card to add to their hand. If the player turns over a card on the minus node, all players must show & discard the revealed card and are dealt a replacement.

Crazy Limbo: 5 card draw. Deal, bet, draw, bet, then everyone shows their lowest card, which is wild for all, then final bet, and show.

Midnight baseball: Deal 7 cards, don't look at your cards! Each player in turn reveals cards until they have the winning hand, then they bet. 3s and 9s are wild (like in baseball), and a black 6 kills your immediately. When you turn up a 4, you have the option to buy a card for a quarter.

Five card double draw, draw tax, primes are wild: Self explanatory.

Guts: Standard game (we play 3-card Guts)

Gruts: Same as Guts, but you must say "gruts" instead of "guts" and "chawawenge" instead of "challenge". Violators of this rule pay a quarter per infraction. Intended to be played drunk.

Acey Deucey: Standard game.

Acey Deucey Deluxe: (1) can't call pot on first go around, (2) when faced with a no-win scenario (cards are equal or differ by one), instead of betting and losing, the player may pay a quarter to replace the card of their choice with another, then bet normally.

Acey Duecey Pro: (1) can't call pot on first go round, (2) must pay double bet if middle card matches the edge cards.

Queen and what follows: 7 card stud, queens are wild, as is the card most recently placed face up following a queen.

Deuces, jacks, man with the axe, and a pair of natural sevens takes all: 7 card stud. Like it says, the stated cards (2s, jacks, and the king of diamonds, who holds an axe) are wild, and a player holding two natural 7s wins automatically. (If two players have natural 7s, they split the pot.)

Monte carlo: 5 card draw with the following sequence:

  • Deal 5 cards
  • Someone must declare they have at least a pair of jacks, else redeal
  • Bet, draw, bet, show
  • If nobody has at least 3 of a kind, nobody can win, pot stays, re-ante, re-deal and start again

Salt and pepper: 6 cards dealt, trade left, bet, trade right, bet, show.

Tiramisu cake game: 7 card stud: 2 down, 2 up, 2 down, 1 up and made communally wild.

Secret Squirrel: 5 card draw, but deal two extra cards in the center face down at the start. After the draw phase and bet, reveal them - they're wild for everyone. Then final bet.

Bat Ladders: ????

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