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Our crazy poker games

Note: standard deal sequence in 7 card stud is: 2 down, 1 up, 2 down, 1 up, 1 up.

Note: "Draw tax" for us means, in 5 card draw, that on the draw you must pay a nickel for each card past the first.

stampede : deal 5, plus three aside from another deck. Draw, reveal one of the three–it's wild, bet. Draw, reveal, bet; draw, reveal, bet. Showdown.

Phone Home:

  • 5 card draw.
  • Deal, bet, phone home, bet, phone home, bet, phone home, bet, show.
  • Phone home: each player as the option to buy a card for a quarter.
  • At ANY time (even DURING the showdown), a player may make a collect call, thus buying another card for 50 cents. This may be done twice per player.
  • Cards acquired via "phone home" or "collect call" are simply added to the hand; no discard is needed to accept them.

Plus Node:

  • 5 card draw.
  • After deal, place four cards face down in the shape of a plus (+) and four in a line in the shape of a minus (-).
  • Bet phase after initial hands are dealt, then draw phase, then bet, then "node phase", then bet, then show.
  • Node phase: each player in turn flips a card in either the "plus node" or the "minus node". If the player turns over a card on the plus, any player with the revealed card in hand shows that card, and gains a random card to add to their hand. If the player turns over a card on the minus node, all players must show & discard the revealed card and are dealt a replacement.

Crazy Limbo: 5 card draw. Deal, bet, draw, bet, then everyone shows their lowest card, which is wild for all, then final bet, and show.

Midnight baseball: Deal 7 cards, don't look at your cards! Each player in turn reveals cards until they have the winning hand, then they bet. 3s and 9s are wild (like in baseball), and a black 6 kills your immediately. When you turn up a 4, you have the option to buy a card for a quarter.

Five card double draw, draw tax, primes are wild: Self explanatory.

Guts: Standard game (we play 3-card Guts)

Gruts: Same as Guts, but you must say "gruts" instead of "guts" and "chawawenge" instead of "challenge". Violators of this rule pay a quarter per infraction. Intended to be played drunk.

Acey Deucey: Standard game.

Acey Deucey Deluxe: (1) can't call pot on first go around, (2) when faced with a no-win scenario (cards are equal or differ by one), instead of betting and losing, the player may pay a quarter to replace the card of their choice with another, then bet normally.

Acey Duecey Pro: (1) can't call pot on first go round, (2) must pay double bet if middle card matches the edge cards.

Queen and what follows: 7 card stud, queens are wild, as is the card most recently placed face up following a queen.

Deuces, jacks, man with the axe, and a pair of natural sevens takes all: 7 card stud. Like it says, the stated cards (2s, jacks, and the king of diamonds, who holds an axe) are wild, and a player holding two natural 7s wins automatically. (If two players have natural 7s, they split the pot.)

Monte carlo: 5 card draw with the following sequence:

  • Deal 5 cards
  • Someone must declare they have at least a pair of jacks, else redeal
  • Bet, draw, bet, show
  • If nobody has at least 3 of a kind, nobody can win, pot stays, re-ante, re-deal and start again

Salt and pepper: 6 cards dealt, trade left, bet, trade right, bet, show.

Tiramisu cake game: 7 card stud: 2 down, 2 up, 2 down, 1 up and made communally wild.

Secret Squirrel: 5 card draw, but deal two extra cards in the center face down at the start. After the draw phase and bet, reveal them - they're wild for everyone. Then final bet.

Fish Node:

  • A 5 card draw (typically with 1 wild) Plus Node variant, but there are no node cards laid out on the table.
  • After the draw phase, there is a fish node phase where players (1 at a time) reveal 1 card from their hand as bait (declared either plus or minus) and lay it in front of them. Everyone with this card, including the player who placed it, will lose it (minus) or keep it (plus, laid in front of them) and receive a random additional card.
  • Place final bets, then showdown.
  • Optional bonus phase: Fish Flop - For every bait card revealed, a random card is dealt into the "fish"; sideways for minus, vertically for plus. After the fish node phase and bet phase, the "fish" pile flops (is turned over). If there were more minus cards in the pile, the whole pile is positive, and vice versa for more plus cards (ties go negative). All cards revealed take effect immediately as plus or minus node cards. Final bets, then showdown on this mess.

Contact Hold'em:

  • Like Texas Hold'em everyone gets two cards face down, but there are no communal cards in the middle. Instead, everyone is dealt two cards face down and two face up, and you make your hands out of your own 4 cards and the 2 face up cards of the people sitting to your left and right. So it's a 5 card hand out of an 8 card pool that changes based on your neighbors. Deal is 2 down, 1 up, 1 up.
  • Foald blood rule: When someone folds, their face up cards are canceled and you neighbor becomes the next nearest player still in the game. If only two players are left, they only count as 1 neighbor each (their card pool is only 6). If this rule is not in effect, you must deal face up cards to folded players.
  • Optional bonus phase: Face-up cards may be traded after each round of face-up cards is dealt. You can't trade with your neighbors.


  • Start with 5 cards each, face down. Bet.
  • Zap phase: In turn, each player is dealt a card face up, which calls down lightning. The lightning chains through each player to the left, a number of times equal to the face value of the card revealed (1 time for a face card). Each person zapped along the way must pay a nickel. The player at the end of the chain is struck and gets a new card face up in front of them.
  • Players can have a max of 3 cards face up in front of them. If lightning strikes someone with 3 cards they must replace 1 card (in hand or in front), and their discarded card continues chaining to the left until it strikes someone with less than 3 cards in front.
  • Zap phase continues until everyone has 3 cards showing. Lowest card showing for each player is wild for that player. Final bet, Showdown.

Bat Ladders: ????

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