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 +**(stolen from [[|here]])**
 +====== How-to install R on CentOS ======
 +by "kOoLiNuS"
 +How-to install the open source statistical tool and relative developement libraries R on CentOS release 4 and 5.
 +Personally I’ve tried it successfully on CentOS 5.
 +CentOS today does not provide any build of this tool in it’s official and semi-official repositories but, luckily the R-project itselfs provides the binaries for the most common GNU/Linux distributions (and for Windows or Mac OS X, alongside with the sources) on it’s mirror network.
 +There you can find binary rpms and also yum metadata, so you can create a .repo file for and organic and integrated use of those inside the YUM package manager.
 +So here’s the R.repo file I’ve created for myself:
 +name=R project for Statistical Computing repository
 +Maybe it’s necessary a quick note on gpgcheck=0 since I was not able to find the GPG key of the rpms (maybe they’re not available ???) and on priority=15 since i use yum-priorities to protect the official core of the distro.
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